Voice Data

The Cloud9 workflow collects, structures and delivers metadata for firms to accurately capture voice information to provide a robust view of market intelligence for the front office.

Benefits of the C9 Trader Platform

Unique Call Metadata
The Cloud9 platform is architected using cutting edge and proven new technologies enabling a new level of data capture and customization.
Voice Transcription
Highest accuracy trader voice transcription available in the industry.
Broad Set of Data Products
The Cloud9 platform is purpose built to capture more information than ever about a conversation and deliver that real-time and store for historical analytics.
Various Delivery Methods
All the data around the call and transcription of trader voice conversations are structured and delivered, real-time, in a standard .json format, allowing firms a comprehensive view for the purposes of compliance, surveillance and analysis.

Enhance Your Trading Experience with
Cloud9 Data Collection and Delivery

Trader Workflow

Firms can integrate the workflow of the Cloud9 communication platform with the workflow tools and desktop applications already in-use on the trading floor.

Sales Efficacy and Predictive Analytics

Structured metadata can be quickly queried for reports on sales efficacy, trade reconstruction and combined with other unique data sets for revenue generating predictive analytics.

Price and Quote Extraction

For the first time, firms may identify and extract price and quote information from voice data generated on Cloud9.


Cloud9’s built-in recording, secure storage options, and enhanced transcription services allow firms to be fully compliant with all retention, recording, and surveillance requirements of MiFID II. We also exceed the requirements of other major regulatory initiatives like Dodd-Frank.

Hover over a user to identify which customers they interact with. Join that with trade information to correlate sales conversations with actual notional trades.

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