With the power of deep learning, Cloud9 developed a proprietary, scalable model that transcribes trader voice conversations into text with industry leading accuracy.

Benefits of the C9 Trader Platform

High Quality Audio
Cloud9's emphasis on high resolution audio is purposely designed to make the most of your conversations and produce the most valuable analytics.
Unique Speaker Identification
For the first time, customers of Cloud9 can discern conversations on a user-by-user basis, for both the near and far end counterparties.
On Premises Deployment
Deployment capabilities on the cloud or in-house so sensitive and propietary information does not leave the premises.

Enhance Your Workflow
with Cloud9 Transcription Services

Transcribe Historical Recordings

For firms with a need to transcribe previously recorded audio files, Cloud9 has developed a separate model specifically designed for high accuracy automated voice to text transcription of lower fidelity recordings. The model is purpose built to run on premise or in the cloud.

Realtime Transcription

Firms can write to an API that will start to send relevant call information at the initiation of a voice conversation. This real-time stream of information can not only be sent to relevant middle and back office repositories and be used as a trigger to release relevant information back to a user’s desktop. Post-call, the structured metadata can be quickly queried for reports on sales efficacy, trade reconstruction and combined with other unique data sets for revenue generating analytics.

Trade Ticket Population

Highly accurate model empowers users to input details of a trade into processing tickets using your voice.

Quote Extraction

Cloud9’s industry leading accuracy for full transcription of all trader conversations can be used for real-time extraction of quotes and keywords for automatic completion of inquiry or trade ticket systems or digitized for historical or predictive analytics.

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