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New Updates to the C9 Trader

June 28, 2016
by Laura Sankowich

Cloud9 2.0 is here! The newest version of the C9 Trader platform features a sleek UI, a more intuitive Settings menu, and updated features that work with the way you trade.

Watch an overview of the new features and check out some of the highlights below!

New Look and Feel

Clean lines and easier navigation are the highlights of the new UI update. You can now access the Home screen from anywhere in the application, and, when selected, the Settings menu now appears on the right side of your window.  Volume adjustment has also been simplified, and you can now use a slider located on the right side of each button to set your volume levels.  A volume indicator level is now displayed on the device that is in use – ensuring that your microphone and/or handset are properly working.

C9 Trader UI

Settings Tab

We’ve streamlined the Settings tab which includes a single menu where you can set preferences for your Audio Devices, establish Group buttons, set up a Button Board, and send a quick email directly to our Technical Support team.C9 Trader Settings

New Group Call Functionality

When shouting down to a group of assigned counterparties, you can now disconnect from a specific counterparty by clicking on the button assigned to that counterparty. This will disconnect that line without disconnecting all the counterparties associated with the group.

This function is important in a scenario where you are shouting out to a group of individuals and would like to drop a participant from the activity in progress.

C9 Trader Group Calls

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