Welcome to Cloud9!

Use this quick start guide to learn how to easily administer your trading environment through the Cloud9 portal, where you’ll be able to set user permissions, access call data and recordings, and manage your firm’s connections. Let’s get started!

Tips for Admins

Take a moment to set up before you roll out Cloud9 to your team
Make sure you know what features your team will need access to
Make sure you know which groups you will need to create for your team
Ensure that you have the right mics, handsets, and speakers for your team
Become familiar with call logs and recordings

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Access Granted

Login with your Cloud9 username and password, and your pin code as part of the two-factor authentication process for Cloud9.  

Welcome Home

Once you are logged in to Cloud9, the home page will provide you with information about new product releases for the Cloud9 Portal and Trader application. You can also quickly access product documentation and view system status.

Finding Your Way Around

Use the Menu bar at the top of the page to perform tasks like managing firms, groups, users, connections, and call recordings.

Establishing Your (Wall) Street Cred

In the Firms tab, you can update and manage information related to your organization. Select your firm and click “edit firm” – here you will be able to view and edit your firm’s billing information, select your firm’s visibility status in the Cloud9 community directory, as well as limit user access to specific locations by restricting IP access.

Managing Groups

In the Groups tab, you can set up your firm’s groups or trading desks and their level of visibility in the Cloud9 community directory. Depending on your organization, you may want to add groups by department, trading desk, region or office location, for example.

To add a group, click on the Add Group tab, which will allow you to establish the name of the group, contact information, and company information for that Group.

New Traders on the Block

To add, edit, and delete users as well as their portal and administrative privileges head on over to the Users tab.  Here you can edit basic user information, administrative levels, set their connections, reset their password, or delete the user.

You can also establish privacy settings, IP restrictions, voice recording, and global mute on the User tab.

Making a Connection

On the Connections tab, you can manage and edit your users’ connections as well as view the status of a button and whether or not it has been accepted by correlating the button with the provided color key.


Playback Time

On the Recordings tab, authorized users, administrators, or compliance officers can access and download voice recordings.  You have the ability to sort calls by user name, firm and button name, duration, and call date and time. You can also view calls by type: either a shout down or ring down, time period, or a specific date range.  

Don't Miss a Thing

The View Logs section shows all actions taken by your firm’s portal users. You can filter by user name and a specific date range, and you can also export these files for further analysis.

Sending Out an SOS

If you need further assistance with navigating the portal, you can visit the portal help section and select Portal Documentation. You can also contact our support department at any time by emailing support@c9tec.com

Congratulations – you’re a master of the Cloud9 Portal! Get ready to lead your firm’s traders to communication greatness!