Cloud9 is purpose built to interoperate with current and future trader desktop communications and analytics platforms.

Benefits of the C9 Trader Platform

Call Manager Integration
Cloud9 offers integration with a growing list of major call managers and SIP providers
Key Platforms
Purposely designed and architected to interoperate with current and future trader desktop platforms
Data Integration Through APIs
Cloud9's API offering allows third parties to access unique data and information sets

Enhance Your Workflow
with Cloud9 Transcription Services

Historical and Real-Time Data

Through APIs, third parties may access Cloud9 data on a historical and real-time basis.

Headless Voice Enablement

Advanced WebRTC offers compliant, encrypted and secure voice communications to third parties.

Dial-Tone Connectivity

Traders require access to advanced voice communications as well as traditional and legacy systems.

Front, Middle and Back Office Systems

Cloud9’s communication platform and data can enhance systems across Customer Relationship Management, Order Management, and proprietary trade booking systems.

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