Electronifying Relationships: Managing Institutional and Reputational Risk

The value of reputation on Wall Street was dramatically under-priced a decade ago. The last 10 years have taught capital market participants that managing reputational risk is, and should be, as important as managing market or credit risk. As markets have become faster and more complex, creating safeguards to pluck out bad apples before they do damage has become an increasingly complex proposition.

A rise in electronic trading has created a more robust audit trail than was ever available before, but the importance of relationships and voice-based communication remains firmly intact. Enabling firms to closely manage their reputations without impeding the fostering of relationships necessary for growth and profit is a key challenge going forward.

Read the Greenwich Associates whitepaper, “Electronifying Relationships: Managing Institutional and Reputation Risk” to discover how cloud-based communications technology can help mitigate risk in the capital markets.


Head of Market Structure and Technology Research at Greenwich Associates

Kevin McPartland has nearly 20 years of experience in financial services with deep expertise in market structure and technology related to fixed income, FX and equity markets. Kevin has presented at a wide range of industry conferences and is quoted regularly in the financial media including The Economist, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Financial Times, ABC News, Business Week, Bloomberg News, Reuters News, Financial News, Wall Street & Technology, Advanced Trading and numerous other industry publications. He has also provided live and taped commentary for CNBC, National Public Radio, Bloomberg TV and Reuters TV.

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