Options That Suit The Way You Trade

C9 Trader runs on a desktop, laptop, or tablet. We provide interface options to a variety of accessory options like button boards, mics, handsets, and speakers. They’re affordable and easy to configure, so choose whatever setup suits your trading style.

Button Board

Connect With Counterparties

Establish connections to all of your firm's counterparties. Just select a firm from the community window, and the desk you'd like to connect to. Name your button, and decide whether you want to create a shout down or ring down.

Connect and Communicate

Once your counterparty accepts your invitation, click the button you created and you're ready to go.

Where Else Can Cloud9 Take You?

Watch our video guides below to learn more about Cloud9 and about managing your devices and settings, managing connections, group calls, and more.

Getting Started

Ready to join Cloud9? Our detailed video tutorials and handy 10 step guides for new Administrators and Users make it easy for you take off!