Eclipse International Uses the Cloud9 Gateway to Stay Connected with Counterparties


Eclipse International is an OTC brokerage based in New York City that services all energy products, including heating oil, gas oil, natural gas, WTI crude oil, and more. They work with over 350 industry participants, with current customers including major oil companies, Wall Street Firms, domestic and foreign banks, and hedge funds. They also have established relationships with over 75 qualified market makers, providing liquidity in volatile markets.


The Problem

With a robust network of counterparties and plans to expand their business to Florida in the coming months, Eclipse international needed a solution that would:
  • Help their employees communicate with counterparties from outside of the office.
  • Keep them compliant with industry regulations.
  • Help them stay connected with some of their biggest clients, even if they were not using Cloud9.

    The Results

    We love using Cloud9, and the Gateway allows us to use it exclusively to connect with our most important clients. As much as we appreciate the Gateway, we can’t wait for the day when we don’t use it – because that means all of our counterparties are on Cloud9.



    Turrets replaced on the Eclipse International floor


    Savings by eliminating communication hardware

    < 1 Day

    Gateway services was installed