Cloud9 Technologies now hosted on AWS as part of Amazon Partner Network

Cloud9 Technologies now hosted on AWS as part of Amazon Partner Network

Presence on AWS ensures seamless deployment and optimal security of Cloud9’s cloud-based voice trading solution for global financial institutions

Cloud9 Technologies has joined the Amazon Partner Network to deliver institutional customers with greater flexibility and ease of deployment through its secure cloud-based voice trading solution hosted on AWS. 

By leveraging cloud infrastructure via AWS, the roll-out of Cloud9’s cloud-based voice trading solutions requires no technology lift from customers and minimal effort to enable additional capacity to support the customer’s business growth and flexible business requirements.   

Cloud9’s presence on AWS ensures greater scalability and resiliency than traditional voice trading turret solutions by providing physical and network resiliency due to AWS’ redundant availability zones and data centers, allowing Cloud9 to onboard customers without lengthy onsite work or an arduous deployment process.

AWS’ global presence helps Cloud9 meet data residency requirements to store metadata within certain geographic areas or countries, ensuring that Cloud9 voice trading and collaboration tools are accessible anywhere the customer allows their users to log in and where an internet connection is available.

Cloud9’s secure, cloud-based voice platform delivers global users all of the necessary security and compliance controls that financial institutions require both within office settings, on the trading floor and in a distributed environment. 

Cloud9 Technologies and Glue42 Partner to Bring the Future of Voice Trading to Remote Users

Cloud9 Technologies and Glue42 Partner to Bring the Future of Voice Trading to Remote Users

Partnership automates the integration of voice trading into third-party systems from any location, delivering users anytime, anywhere voice trading capabilities and remote access to all trading floor connectivity and services

New York, NY, April 21, 2021 − Glue42, the company that delivers integrated desktop experiences to financial institutions globally, and Cloud9 Technologies (“Cloud9”), a leader in cloud-based communications, have partnered to deliver a full suite of voice trading capabilities to the institutional marketplace, providing users remote access to all trading floor connectivity and services.   

In addition to quick voice trading capability, traders will have secure anywhere, anytime access to voice data, counterparties and regulatory information seamlessly integrated with their other desktop applications via Cloud9’s suite of open APIs.

“The institutional landscape is becoming increasingly reliant upon technology solutions to maintain and grow their business. With voice trading remaining a key part of capital markets, it’s imperative that onsite and remote users are able to seamlessly access a ‘virtual’ trading floor from anywhere at any time,” said Brian Hunt, Chief Administrative Officer & Head of Partnerships at Cloud9 Technologies. 

He continued, “As the industry continues to evolve due to greater reliance on cloud-based technology, rapid integration to SaaS-based solutions becomes a critical requirement for every financial desktop.”

Through the partnership, Cloud9 offers complete enterprise voice trading and unified communications and collaboration (UCC) services including full data capture. Glue42 complements this through integration of these components into the trader’s existing workflow, regardless of application type or technology.

For now, the joint solution supports ‘click to call’ directly from the bank’s CRM or Microsoft Office suite; hence clicking on a contact in one of these applications will initiate a call via the Cloud9 platform. This capability will eventually see Cloud9 replace the physical dealer board on trading desks. 

In the medium term, traders will be able to capture voice orders on the phone, after which order tickets will open on their order management systems, pre-populated with the phone transcript. For compliance purposes, they will also be able to log these calls in their CRMs. 

“Voice trading mustn’t be left behind in an industry that is becoming increasingly digitized. When integrated with desktop applications, voice is a highly efficient communications channel that continues to play an integral role in strategic and compliance workflows,” said Reena Raichura, Head of Product Solutions & Customer Success at Glue42. 

“Our joint, long-term vision is that traders will be able to control their trading apps using voice capabilities in a similar way that virtual or voice assistants do with global retail users,” she continued.

​About Cloud9 Technologies
Cloud9 Technologies is the leading voice communication and analytics platform designed for the unique needs of the financial markets. Cloud9 developed a solution that harnesses the voice communication talk path for the trading floor of the future – offering more functionality and analytic insight than legacy hardware at a fraction of the cost. Cloud9 connects counterparties across all asset classes via a cloud-based communication platform that eliminates the infrastructure and expense associated with legacy hardware and telecommunication-based solutions, with front-office focused data and transcription, purpose-built for the financial markets. For more information, visit

About Glue42
Glue42 enables organizations to build intelligent desktops that support configurable workflows between web and desktop applications. Its integration platform seamlessly and securely orchestrates UI and data and leverages open-source initiatives such as FINOS FDC3 to reduce application delivery times and accelerate time to value. The company is based in London, New York and Bulgaria. With over 35,000 licenses, its software is deployed at tier one financial institutions across the world.

For Cloud9:
P.J. Kinsella
EVP, Media Relations, Paragon Public Relations

For Glue42:
Simona Cotta-Ramusino / Tinne Teugels 

C9Trader Stratus and CloudHub: the Institutional Voice Trading Engine

C9Trader Stratus and CloudHub: the Institutional Voice Trading Engine

Cloud9 Technologies’ recent introduction of its new C9Trader Stratus user interface and CloudHub device are playing a pivotal role in fueling anytime, anywhere voice trading capabilities. By providing greater flexibility and optionality, C9Trader Stratus and CloudHub are ensuring that today’s institutional trader has unparalleled access to the virtual trading floor of tomorrow. 

C9Trader Stratus

Designed from the ground up, the new robust C9Trader Stratus interface combines both traditional turret functionality with new, innovative and customizable features to deliver a superior user experience. Traders now have the ability to customize content to their unique requirements and complex workflows in a logical way – allowing them to instantly connect with any global trading partner – anywhere, anytime.

  • More efficient workflows – Enhanced Page View allows you to organize your buttons to suit your workflow, prioritize incoming calls and see shared line desk activity via the Favorites Panel, and leverage the new Call Wells to manage your call activity on individual devices in one central location. 
  • New and improved features – Intuitive features built for complex workflows like dial-tone integration, prioritize incoming calls, and greater visibility across all team members’ activities.
  • Cloud Dial Tone – Provides a dial tone vendor-neutral method of interworking with premise-based, hosted, and UC solutions. Also provides common sharing of PSTN services for remotely located users that need to collaborate as a single group.

C9Trader Stratus


Designed to meet the unique requirements and workflows of the Cloud9 community, the new CloudHub provides a unified user experience between the enhanced C9Trader Stratus software and hardware. With a full suite of voice trader capabilities, the CloudHub is a low-cost legacy replacement that provides an unrivaled audio experience and customizable features to suit any trading style.


2020 Lessons Learned: FinTech Experts’ Recap – Glue42

2020 Lessons Learned: FinTech Experts’ Recap – Glue42

2020 was a year unlike any other. Despite our worst fears, many organizations were able to respond quickly and deal with change. In some cases, we managed to improve business communications despite the demise of the traditional office setting. To illustrate these points, Glue42 gathered insights from renowned fintech experts.

Here’s what our CAO, Brian Hunt had to say:

“Over the last 12 months, we’ve seen a major shift across the institutional trading landscape as traders were forced off the traditional trading floor and into remote working conditions. While the pandemic has been a catalyst, it was not the sole driver of this structural shift. Voice trading and mobility remain prominent factors in the institutional trading ecosystem but they must be supported by secure and reliable cloud infrastructure in order to access the ‘virtual trading floor’ that is quickly becoming the new normal.


Many firms realized at the outset of the pandemic that they lacked the resources to adequately capture voice data because they had been relying heavily on antiquated technology. Cloud9 quickly stepped in with our cloud-based voice communication APIs to ensure greater flexibility and interoperability, regardless of where they were located, ultimately leading to a 50% increase in our business.


In an industry that’s becoming increasingly digitized, productivity should not be impacted. In fact, we’ve learned that firms can even elevate efficiency by leveraging the right resources, from front-office trading software to regulatory and compliance solutions. We expect that trend to continue this year but it starts with creating a more nimble, cloud-based environment for individuals on and off the trading floor.”

Cloud9 & Verint Named Top Partnership at 2020 American Financial Technology Awards

Cloud9 & Verint Named Top Partnership at 2020 American Financial Technology Awards

December 4, 2020 – WatersTechnology recently announced the winners of its 16th annual American Financial Technology Awards (AFTAs) and the collaboration between Cloud9 & Verint was named the winner of the “Best Partnership or Alliance” category. The partnership, which was announced in July 2020, provides the capital market ecosystem with a fully compliant, cloud-enabled communications solution to support traders both on the trading floor and remotely, providing necessary flexibility as the industry continues to take a cloud-first approach and gains a greater appetite for anytime, anywhere access to the “virtual trading floor”.  

Hosted by Waters Technology, the AFTAs recognize the best across the deployment and management of financial technology within the asset management and investment banking communities over the last 12 months. The 2020 AFTAs featured 29 categories, with 16 focusing on end-users and 13 for technology vendors.

The joint solution brings together Cloud9’s C9Trader voice communication platform and Verint® Financial Compliance Capture™ for advanced communication capture, records retention, secure data governance and advanced data analysis. By doing so, it gives financial institutions an enterprise-wide communication and compliance framework that alleviates obstacles and ensures traders remain within compliance parameters both remotely and on the trading floor. Through the analytics and open data APIs, businesses can capture, preserve and monitor a complete set of voice records and metadata and make these available for surveillance, trade reconstruction and analysis purposes.

“The American Financial Technology Awards is a true recognition of our teams’ ongoing efforts and strategy to support the trading industry in this exigent times,” comments Phil Fry, VP of Product Strategy at Verint. “It’s a great honor to receive such a prestigious industry accolade with Cloud9 and we look forward to continuing to redefine trading compliance to help financial market participants ensure that traders stay connected with clients, peers, and counterparties without having to worry about compliance infractions.”

“As the institutional trading landscape becomes more digitized and work-from-home becomes much more common or in many cases essential, access to voice data is essential to fufill regulatory and operational requirements,” said Briant Hunt, Chief Administrative Officer and Head of Partnerships at Cloud9. “Receiving this top honor in the financial technology space is a testament of our collaboration to support the trading community with greater flexibility and optionality during the pandemic crisis and beyond.”

As part of Cloud9’s podcast series that examines developments in the voice trading ecosystem, Cloud9 CAO and Head of Partnerships Brian Hunt recently spoke with Verint’s VP of Product Strategy Phil Fry about the importance of extracting voice data. You can listen to the full episode here.