Welcome to Cloud9!

Use this quick guide to help you set up your Cloud9 application and revolutionize the way you trade in just minutes – we mean it! Let’s get started.

Before you get started

Download your Cloud9 app.
Set up your audio to ensure your mic, handset and speakers all connected.
Explore the Cloud9 Community to start connecting to firms you already know, or discover new ones along the way.
Set up buttons for your connections and manage your connection style.
Don’t forget to check your history to see who has called while you were away.

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Welcome to the Community!

Click the installation link in the email you received from the Cloud9 support team, and log in using your user name and temporary password provided in the email.

Sound Check - Setting Up Audio

Once you log in, navigate to the control panel to set up your audio devices, including microphone, handset and speakers.

Click the dropdown and select the devices you wish to use for the microphone, speaker and handset. Adjust the volume levels for all devices and set your notifications.

Making Connections - Find Your Counterparties

Click on the community tab in the upper left-hand corner of the C9 Trader app. This screen includes menu options that will enable you to create invitations, see your new invitations, view your connections, and manage your buttons.

To create and send an invitation, select the community you belong to, then click the firm and trading desk you would like to connect with. You can also use the Search function to find and connect with available groups across the entire Cloud9 community.

Setting Up Buttons and Managing Invitations

After creating an invitation, name the button that will display in your Cloud9 window, then name the button that will display in your counterparty’s window.  Once your counterparty accepts the invitation, you are ready to talk.

If someone sends you an invitation, you will see a red circle with the number of new invitations on your Community tab.

Give a Shout... or a Ring

When creating a button, you’re given the option to choose between a shout down or a ring down connection. This option can be customized for each connection.

Let’s Talk – Initiating a Call

Click a button to begin a call. When your counterparty responds, the button will light up and turn green. Hang up by clicking the button or the phone icon in the lower left of the screen.

All Together Now – Setting up Group Buttons

The group buttons at the bottom of your C9 Trader window enable you to shout down to multiple connections at a time.  When you click on a group button, you are able to talk to everyone assigned to the group.

Managing Your Buttons

Cloud9 enables you to reorder, rename, delete, or get subscriber information about your buttons. To manage your buttons, click on the Community tab, then select My Buttons. When you click on a button, you’ll be able to see an information box at the bottom of the screen, which includes the name of the button, button type, connection ID, and any users that share this connection.

Sorry I Missed You — Call History

Clicking on the History tab shows all calls that have taken place or that were missed during the time that you were logged into Cloud9.  View call participants, date, time and call duration for calls.

Help! — Contacting Support

If you need assistance or have any problems with Cloud9, clicking our logo in the top left of your screen will open your browser directly to our Cloud9 Support page. There you will be able to access FAQs as well as our phone and email contacts.

Congratulations — You're ready to start using Cloud9! How easy was that?!